As a visitor to Las Gaviotas, you will be required to comply with Mexican Law, and the rules of the Homeowners’ Association.

Here are some of the main rules:

Every home has occupancy limits. This is normally 4 people for a two-bedroom house, and 6 people for a three-bedroom house. To avoid any members of your party being turned away, please check the maximum occupancy of the house you are renting.
There is a $100 fine per person, per night (or eviction of extra guest) for overcrowding.

NO PETS (ANIMALS), ALLOWED in LAS GAVIOTAS, unless you’re a HOMEOWNER. You may be evicted from Las Gaviotas along with your pet, in addition to paying a hefty fine!

NO OUTSIDE VISITORS FOR RENTERS. If your friends are not staying in Las Gaviotas, they will not be allowed in.
Cars must display a sticker or entry-permit on the front windshield at all times.
Please pay attention to the no parking signs.
No dogs allowed.
No motorhomes, campers or trailers will be allowed to enter.
No pets allowed.
Speed limit is 8mph in the complex. There is a fine of $100 for speeding.
No kitty-cats please.
No fireworks allowed, except when organized by the Association, (eg 4th July.)
No vehicles, bikes or skateboards allowed on sidewalks.
Please leave your dog at home.
No glass containers or other breakable items may be carried around the complex or in the recreational areas. There is a fine of $100 per container.
Music and TV sets must be kept at low volume from 10pm to 8am. At other times, the volume must be set at volumes so that neighbors will not be disturbed. Other excessive noise and unruly behavior is prohibited.
No laundry, towels or wetsuits may be hung outdoors on balcony or roof railings.
Don’t bring your cat.
Mexican law prohibits illegal drug use, public drunkenness, public nudity and public sex.
No children are allowed in the spa and no diapered children are allowed in the pool.
No pets, (or did we mention this before?), unless you’re a homeowner here.

Please note that rules are necessary to allow all to have a good time, safely, and to protect the property of the homeowners. Violations will result in fines being assessed to the homeowner. These fines may be passed on to the person who violated the rules.
Repeated or serious violations may result in removal from the complex and detention by the Rosarito Police. Be aware that the security personnel have the power to arrest.
As a visitor to Las Gaviotas, you are protected by the same rules and you may request enforcement from the security force at the gate.[/bgsection]